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Sarah Sze Installation Artist Picked for Venice 2013
covered by The New York Times
with Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Sleeping Girl’ for sale and Moma’s video collection available to the public.


Josef Sudek | Photography Now Book


The Sublime is Us – artnet Magazine

The Sublime is Us – artnet Magazine.

by Jerry Saltz

Klara Liden, June 4-July 9, 2006, at Reena Spaulings, 371 Grand Street, New York, N.Y. 10003.

artnet Galleries: Laments by Nobuyoshi Araki from Lorena Ruiz de Villa

Laments by Nobuyoshi Araki is available at Lorena Ruiz de Villa. Find comprehensive details on this artwork, contact the gallery, or find more artworks in artnet Galleries.

Nobuyoshi Araki, Laments

via artnet Galleries: Laments by Nobuyoshi Araki from Lorena Ruiz de Villa.

U B U W E B – Film & Video: Richard Serra – Railroad Turnbridge (1976)

U B U W E B – Film & Video: Richard Serra – Railroad Turnbridge (1976).

One of the most important avant-garde films of this period, Richard Serra’s Railroad Turnbridge attempts to grasp what Rosalind Krauss termed “a relationship, a transitivity… The physical turnbridge is the support of this experience, not its subject.” (“Richard Serra, A Translation”)

Wout Beger, ‘Ijsland Weg’, 1997.


Wout Beger

Ijsland Weg


January 20, 2012  |  Five for Friday
This Is New York

Posted by Jocelyn Meinhardt, Associate Writer/Editor, Marketing

I bore myself (and many others, I’m sure) with how often I mention that I grew up in New York City and how much it’s changed over the years—also, did you happen to know about A and have you gone to B yet or eaten at C—and OMG don’t ever D at E because insert lengthy anecdote here.

But I can’t help it! Like many of my fellow natives and non-native (yet no less New York-y) New Yorkers, I’m in a very serious criticize-it-because-I-love-it-so-much relationship with the big, old apple, and probably always will be.

Few things reflect how complex the city is, and indulge my endless ability to romanticize and fantasize about it, more than the NYC-related art in MoMA’s collection. The photography alone: Helen Levitt, Gary Winogrand, Berenice Abbott, Weegee…to say it wasn’t easy picking just five works for this post is a huge understatement!

1. Berenice Abbott. Seventh Avenue Looking South from 35th Street, Manhattan. 1935

I’ll start with an image courtesy of the American photographer Berenice Abbott, who, interestingly, came to New York from Paris in 1929 to find a publisher for a book she’d put together of works by Eugène Atget. Continue reading