KODAK: “you press the button, we do the rest”

Kodak Is Officially Bankrupt: Photography company Eastman Kodak Companyómore commonly known as “Kodak”óhas filed for bankruptcy.

How romantic was the notion that a company could acquire such success with a name meaning “nothing”. “kodak”, chosen linguistically for its supposed undesirability and supposed branding strong hold.

Chapter 11 filed. We’re still pushing the button and Kodak are now at rest.

nothing |ˈnəθi ng |
not anything; no single thing : I said nothing | there’s nothing you can do | they found nothing wrong.
• something of no importance or concern : “What are you laughing at?” “Oh, nothing, sir.” | they are nothing to him | [as n. ] no longer could we be treated as nothings.
• (in calculations) no amount; zero.
adjective [ attrib. ] informal
having no prospect of progress; of no value : he had a series of nothing jobs.
not at all : she cares nothing for others | he looks nothing like the others.
• [ postpositive ] informal used to contradict something emphatically : “This is a surprise.” “Surprise nothing.”
be nothing to do with see do 1.
for nothing 1 at no cost; without payment : working for nothing. 2 to no purpose : he died anyway; so it had all been for nothing.
have nothing on someone see have .
have nothing to do with see do 1.
no nothing informal (concluding a list of negatives) nothing at all : how could you solve it with no clues, no witnesses, no nothing?
not for nothing for a very good reason : not for nothing have I got a brother-in-law who cooks professionally.
nothing but only : nothing but the best will do.
nothing daunted see daunt .
nothing doing informal 1 there is no prospect of success or agreement : He wants to marry her. Nothing doing! 2 nothing is happening : there’s nothing doing, and I’ve been waiting for weeks.
nothing (or nothing else) for it Brit. no alternative : there was nothing for it but to follow.
nothing less than used to emphasize how extreme something is : it was nothing less than sexual harassment.
nothing loath quite willing.
nothing much not a great amount; nothing of importance.
there is nothing to it there is no difficulty involved.
stop at nothing see stop .
sweet nothings words of affection exchanged by lovers : whispering sweet nothings in her ear.
think nothing of it do not apologize or feel bound to show gratitude (used as a polite response).
you ain’t seen nothing yet informal used to indicate that although something may be considered extreme or impressive, there is something even more extreme or impressive in store : if you think that was muddy, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
ORIGIN Old English nān thing (see no , thing ).


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