Our Work: Hyundai i40 Tourer | Temporary Land Artist, Jim Denevan Makes an Impression

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Make An Impression campaign for Hyundai i40 Tourer. Shot on Lake Rebecca, a large salt lake in the remote area of central Western Australia, Kookynie.

Artist Jim Denevan (USA) who works in the medium of Temporary Land Art inscribed his drawings with the assistance of the new Hyundai i40 into the surface of the salt lakes, leaving behind beautiful and thoughtful landscapes for us to capture in their short existence.

Denevan’s markings metaphor the impressive design of Hyundai’s latest I40 Tourer and the vehicles functionality.

Scott Lambert, Creative Director, Innocean said he knew they needed a concept that was big, fresh and inspiring.

Agency: Innocean, Australia
Production Director: Steve Dube
Creative Director: Scott Lambert
Art Director: Mike Lind
Temporary Land Art: Jim Denevan
Retouching: Lime House Creative
Location Manager: David Knight


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