What am I doing here, Carolyn Bunt, URBAN DREAMS


23 June 2011 – 30 July 2011


Because we are currently hyper-aware of global states of flux, this exhibition inspires lateral thoughts on utopia and dystopia. On the one hand the world is tired; the resources ‘we’ rely on are slowly becoming exhausted. Yet a new source, a new power, a realization is emerging from alternative loci.

There is a new negotiation and a handing over of democracy and hope. One world tires, another wakes. Natural disasters and obscene shows of power oversee our minimal struggle.

The artists in this show provide a kaleidoscope of visions which fragment and disperse time and place from the past and to the future-or the other way around. Hope and desperation find new negotiations and each reflects, re-reflects, refracts and destabilises the other.

We live in a time of technological utopia yet we find underneath the bright surface a dark figure; a dark chaos that refuses to yield to our polished urban vision.

Opening Wednesday – Saturday 12:00 – 18:00
This exhibition is in two locations
R O O M London 31 Waterson Street
58 Elsham Road London W14
At Elsham Road the exhibition will be open on 25 June from 4-8.30pm and will be open on Fridays and Saturday only from 12-6pm or by appointment

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