GW Open Studios 17–18th March 2012

Please do come and join us for a nibble and a drink Saint Patrick’s weekend. Open Saturday and Sunday 12pm–6pm

GW Open Studios

The universe is not only queerer than we imagine, but queerer than we can imagine. – J. B. S. Haldane

Sarah Sze | Youtube

Sarah Sze Installation Artist Picked for Venice 2013
covered by The New York Times
with Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Sleeping Girl’ for sale and Moma’s video collection available to the public.

The Catholic Church: Stephen Fry vs Ann Widdecombe

It’s more than a moral duty to speak one’s mind, it’s a pleasure.
– Stephen Fry

Our Work: Peugeot 308 Touring

Advertising Agency: Arnold Furnace, Sydney, Australia
Creative Directors: Paul Fenton, Tom Spicer
Copywriter / Art Director: Luke Duggan
Retoucher: Cream Studios